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Now in Service: Our New Rockaway Rocket Express Route

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July 15, 2022

Premium Value, Expedited Line, Guaranteed Spot, Non-Stop!

We are thrilled to announce that our new Rockaway Rocket express route tis now in service! Beat the lines and the heat with a guaranteed spot on a ferry that will go directly from Pier 11/Wall St. to Rockaway for 8 dollars.

This route will be offered on summer weekends through September 11, 2022 and features all the onboard conveniences you love from our other routes like onboard restrooms and charging stations.

Reserve your tickets now!


How much is a reserved ticket onboard the Rockaway Rocket?
A reserved ticket on the Rockaway Rocket is $8.00 per passenger.

Does my Rockaway Rocket ticket guarantee my spot onboard?
Yes. A valid Rockaway Rocket ticket guarantees your spot onboard your scheduled departure as selected when purchasing your ticket. Your ticket does not guarantee you a space onboard NYC Ferry for any other departure(s). Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Vessels will leave on-time, with or without all reserved riders.

How do I purchase a Rockaway Rocket ticket?
Beginning Friday, July 15, 2022, NYC Ferry riders can purchase their reserved Rockaway Rocket ticket(s) via the NYC Ferry app or Tickets purchased at will be sent to the purchasing rider’s NYC Ferry digital app account. Tickets purchased via cannot be printed out and used to board a departure. Riders must present a valid Rockaway Rocket ticket within the NYC Ferry app to board for their ticketed departure.

Can I purchase a paper Rockaway Rocket ticket at the NYC Ferry ticket vending machines?
No. Tickets for the Rockaway Rocket must be purchased in the NYC Ferry app or at

How far in advance can I purchase my Rockaway Rocket ticket?
Rockaway Rocket tickets are available for purchase for summer weekends and holidays through September 11, 2022. As inventory allows, tickets can be purchased up until 15 minutes in advance of a scheduled Rockaway Rocket departure.

Can I use my regular NYC Ferry ticket to board a Rockaway Rocket departure?
No. The Rockaway Rocket is a separate, reservation-based NYC Ferry route that requires a separate $8.00 adult ticket to be purchased in advance for a scheduled departure. To board NYC Ferry’s Rockaway Rocket route, riders will need to present a valid, $8.00 reserved ticket for their scheduled departure.

Do children need a Rockaway Rocket ticket?
Yes. Up to three (3) children under 44 inches in height can board with each individual adult, but the child’s free ticket must be reserved in advance via the NYC Ferry app or and presented prior to boarding. Height will be verified upon boarding. Children will not be allowed to board without a ticket.

What if I purchase tickets from and don’t see them in my NYC Ferry app?
Android users purchasing tickets via may not immediately see their tickets in the NYC Ferry app. Riders using the Android NYC Ferry app will automatically receive a ticket purchase confirmation email and can expect to see their reserved tickets in the app the day prior to their scheduled departure.

What is the Rockaway Rocket schedule?
The Rockaway Rocket will operate on summer weekends and holidays beginning Saturday, July 23, 2022.

  • Riders can reserve the following departures from Wall Street/Pier 11: 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM
  • Riders can reserve the following departures from Rockaway: 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM

For complete schedule and reservation information, visit the NYC Ferry app or

Can I transfer to other NYC Ferry routes with my activated/used Rockaway Rocket ticket?
No. Transfers to/from the Rockaway Rocket route require a separate $2.75 NYC Ferry ticket.

What if I miss my scheduled Rockaway Rocket departure?
If you miss your scheduled Rockaway Rocket departure, you may use your ticket to board a regular NYC Ferry departure until your ticket expires, but you may not use this ticket for priority boarding on any other ferry route. You cannot use your Rockaway Rocket ticket to board a different Rockaway Rocket departure.

What if my scheduled Rockaway Rocket departure is cancelled?
If your scheduled Rockaway Rocket departure is cancelled by NYC Ferry, you will receive an automatic refund for the purchased Rockaway Rocket ticket(s) impacted by the cancellation. If your reserved trip is cancelled, you do not need to contact NYC Ferry.

Does my Rockaway Rocket ticket include round trip transportation?
No. A Rockaway Rocket ticket is for a single departure. A separate NYC Ferry ticket must be purchased for a regular return trip, or a separate Rockaway Rocket ticket can be purchased for a reserved return trip onboard a Rockaway Rocket departure.

What if it’s raining on the day I reserved my Rockaway Rocket ticket? Can I get a refund for weather or reschedule to another time?
No. Rockaway Rocket trips operate regardless of rain and are non-refundable. In the event of extreme weather, NYC Ferry may cancel Rockaway Rocket trips; in that case, refunds will be issued to all reserved riders.

What time should I arrive for my Rockaway Rocket departure?
Riders are strongly encouraged to arrive at the landing at least 15 minutes prior to their ticketed Rockaway Rocket departure. The boarding process will begin 10 minutes prior to each scheduled departure.

Do I wait in the regular Rockaway service line to board the Rockaway Rocket?
No. Rockaway Rocket service includes a separate line for reserved, ticketed riders at both the Wall Street/Pier 11 and Rockaway landings. Upon arrival at either landing, ticketed Rockaway Rocket NYC Ferry riders should report to the designated Rockaway Rocket line

Can I bring my bike on the Rockaway Rocket?
Yes, but bike space is limited. To bring your bike on the Rockaway Rocket, you must reserve a bicycle space in advance when purchasing your ticket via the NYC Ferry app or There is no cost to reserve a bicycle space onboard.

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