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Explore Women-Owned Businesses Near NYC Ferry Landings

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March 1, 2024 Danielle Vito

Discover the vibrant array of women-owned businesses dotting the landscape of New York City, easily accessible via NYC Ferry. From tasty treats to chic clothing, these spots showcase the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of women across the five boroughs. Hop on NYC Ferry get to exploring unique dining experiences, trendy shops, and hidden gems that celebrate the diversity and creativity of women-led businesses in NYC.

Funny Face Bakery
Route: All
Landing: Wall St / Pier 11
Funny Face Bakery Custom Cookies are personalized cookies that are baked to order. The cookies can be customized with a variety of designs, colors, and shapes to fit the theme of any occasion and can be shipped nationwide. The female-founded bakery has a full team of women who work behind the scenes to run the business and artfully decorate these stunning cookies.


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Cafe Grumpy
Route: All
Landing: Midtown West / Greenpoint / Wall St. Pier 11
Established in 2005, Café Grumpy has become a beloved destination for specialty coffee enthusiasts seeking a cozy atmosphere. From its origins in Greenpoint to its expansion to eleven locations, Café Grumpy remains dedicated to hands-on service and ongoing enhancement. Recognized as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, the café prioritizes transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility, all while endeavoring to transform customers’ grumpiness into happiness with each cup.

Big Night BK
Route: East River
Landing: Greenpoint
Katherine Lewin founded Big Night in 2021, a hub for stress-free hosting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. With a motto that dinner parties should be fun, not daunting, Katherine emphasizes the importance of good snacks and relaxed rules. Big Night encourages creativity, from serving cheese at the right temperature to setting up DIY bars for guests to enjoy.

Kirrin Finch
Route: Astoria
Landing: Brooklyn Navy Yard
JKirrin Finch, founded by Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, is a Brooklyn-based clothing company meeting the demand for gender-defying fashion with menswear-inspired apparel tailored for female and non-binary bodies. Fueled by their frustration with the lack of clothing options reflecting their personal style, the couple embarked on a mission to provide inclusive and stylish alternatives. Their designs, inspired by button-up shirts and bow ties, offer a fun twist on traditional menswear while prioritizing a comfortable and flattering fit for all.


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Petit Chou
Route: Soundview
Landing: Stuyvesant Cove
Dina Glore, the creative force behind Petit Chou, infuses her global adventures into every delightful bite. From her Lebanese roots to her culinary training in NYC, her creations boast a fusion of flavors from around the world. Inspired by pastry icons like Christophe Michalak, Dina’s playful experimentation and boundless enthusiasm shape her unique brand. Each Petit Chou treat is a delicious journey, blending European elegance with international flair.

Patisserie Tomoko
Route: East River
Landing: North Williamsburg
Tomoko, a skilled pastry chef with training from culinary schools in both Japan and the US, blends European and Japanese influences to create unique desserts and breads. Her experience includes working at renowned establishments like Bouley and Le Bernadin before founding Cha An in 2003. Now pursuing her own café and pastry shop in Brooklyn, Tomoko’s passion and expertise promise to deliver exceptional treats that marry the flavors of Japan and America for discerning food enthusiasts.


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Coming Soon NY
Route: South Brooklyn
Landing: Colears Hook
Coming Soon, founded by Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria in 2013, sits at the vibrant intersection of New York’s Lower East Side and Chinatown, reflecting their passion for creative, emerging, and authentic design. They curate and create beautifully designed items for the home, perfect for gifting or personal indulgence. With a background in fine art and high-end design, their collaborative approach fosters ongoing relationships with designers, enabling a dynamic and ever-evolving space where new works are always “coming soon.”

Mcnally Jackson
Route: All
Landing: North Williamsburg / Wall St. Pier 11
With four bustling locations across NYC, two nestled in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn, McNally Jackson stands as a beloved institution in the Big Apple’s literary scene. Established by the visionary Sarah McNally, this iconic bookstore boasts a vast array of titles spanning every genre imaginable, complemented by its very own printing press. Combining a passion for books with a commitment to quality, McNally Jackson is where bookworms and bibliophiles alike come to indulge in literary delights.

Route: St. George
Landing: Battery Park City
Juthika Bedi, a seasoned architect and interior designer, transitioned her career to the restaurant industry, leading Tulsi’s catering division for over two years as Director of Operations. Together with Chef Peter Beck, she brings the vibrant flavors of India to New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood at their restaurant, Paisley, where they delight diners with unique and undiscovered dishes. With 20 years of successful practice behind her, Juthika combines her expertise with her passion for culinary exploration, crafting memorable dining experiences for corporate events, weddings, and fundraisers.


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Route: Soundview
Landing: E90th
DUO NYC, founded by sisters Wendy and LaRae Kangas, showcases a curated mix of vintage and contemporary independent designers. Their store in the East Village, established in 2008, emphasizes timeless wardrobe essentials crafted from premium natural materials and sleek, contemporary designs. It’s a stylish destination where fashion-forward meets timeless chic.

Heavenly Hands NYC
Route: East River
Landing: Hunter’s Point South
Alesandra Liriano is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Practitioner. With over twelve years of experience, she customizes sessions based on clients’ needs, drawing on her diverse training in techniques like Reiki and essential oils.

From Lucie 
Route: Soundview
Landing: Stuyvesant Cove
Cakes made with unique flavors and seasonal products. This women-owen business is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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Pixie Pods
Route: Astoria
Landing: Long Island City
In March 2020, faced with unemployment, Teacher Porsha embarked on a new adventure as a full-time nanny for a vibrant little girl. Together, they tackled virtual learning, enjoyed lunches, and explored Prospect Park while sharing a love for play and dance. Porsha’s passion for teaching blossomed as she witnessed the joy of learning and dance, inspiring her to create “Pixie Pods,” a heartfelt venture nurturing young minds through creativity and joy.

Chop Cook Cake
Route: ER
Landing: South Williamsburg
Looking for a fun and exciting way to enhance your culinary skills while making new friends and building confidence? Look no further than Chop Cook Cake recreational cooking school, conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn! Classes are open to both kids and adults, so whether you’re a budding chef or just looking to improve your skills. Led by the one and only Chef Erika Mayol, the classes are designed to break down even the most complex recipes into easy-to-follow steps, so you can enjoy cooking at home like never before.


NYC-Based Online Businesses Owned by Women

Kenza International Beauty
Kenza International Beauty redefines beauty to include generosity and global impact. By allocating profits to support women’s foundations in the US and cooperatives in Morocco, they empower purchasers to make a difference. Using natural beauty products not only enhances personal beauty but also contributes to positive social change for women globally, improving lives and communities worldwide.

Camille at the Wheel
Camille at the Wheel offers handcrafted ceramics designed for both beauty and practicality, bringing joy and usefulness to everyday moments. Each piece is uniquely carved and textured, imbuing charm and character with slight variations in size, color, and texture. Based in a vibrant New York City studio, Camille finds endless learning opportunities in pottery, embracing imperfections as a reminder to enjoy the process and let creativity flow.

Paige’s Candle Co
Paige Graham, a native New Yorker from The Bronx, founded Paige’s Candle Co with a mission to uplift low-income communities through art. Inspired by her childhood involvement in art programs, Paige donates candle-making classes to NYC nonprofits. Believing in equitable access to natural products, she crafts candles that promote a positive and healthy lifestyle for all.

Harissa Hot Honey
Former NYC restaurateurs, this husband-wife duo pivoted to sauce-making post-pandemic, driven by demand for their beloved Harissa Hot Honey. Combining sweet honey with spicy heat and aromatic herbs, they crafted “The Love Sauce” – a fusion of their Dominican and Tunisian culinary backgrounds. With a deep understanding of the personal connection to food, they aim to share their flavorful creation widely.


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FOLKUS merges sustainable practices with innovative materials, weaving a narrative that celebrates Black culture and environmental stewardship. Their products serve as a canvas for storytelling, knowledge transfer, and a fresh perspective on sustainability. By honoring the lived experiences and contributions of Black individuals, FOLKUS aims to redefine how we engage with both culture and the environment.

Kandyse, the founder of Kandlestixs, started her candle business in 2020 to bring bold yet subtle scents into homes. With handcrafted soy wax candles, she invites you on a sensory journey of relaxation and self-expression.

The Narrative Vintage
In the fall of 2020 during the global shutdown, Kandye, an established Merchandiser, crossed paths with Gabrielle, a Production Director & Stylist, in Brooklyn. Together, they founded The Narrative Vintage, driven by their shared belief in the beauty of existing clothing. Their collaboration brings a fresh perspective to the world of vintage fashion, blending professionalism with a fun, vibrant energy.


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