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Wall St./Pier 11

Gouverneur Lane at South Street, F.D.R. Drive
Manhattan, NY 10005

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Transit Options


M15, QM7, QM8, X8, X14, and X15 lines available between Water and Wall Streets
Free Downtown Red Bus Connector shuttle available at Water and Wall Streets


1 train at South Ferry between Whitehall and South Streets
2 and 3 trains available between Pine and William Streets
J and Z train available between Broad Street and Exchange Place


Citibike stations available at the following locations:
Pier 11 Ferry Terminal at South Street and Gouverneur Lane
Pine and Front Streets
Old Slip and Front Street
Hanover Square and Pearl Street

Neighborhood Fun Facts

  • In 1814, Robert Fulton introduced steam-powered vessels in New York Harbor, enabling expansion and settlement across the East River from what is today the Financial District to Brooklyn
  • The two cities of New York and Brooklyn were connected by ferries in the 17th and 18th Centuries, before the Brooklyn Bridge was finished in 1883
  • While the Financial District is anchored on Wall Street, the neighborhood often referred to as FiDi, covers what was the original city of New Amsterdam in the 17th Century